Strength Through Education is a charity that supports US Armed Forces by empowering active-duty service members with free and confidential educational resources and career coaching to help them navigate administrative issues; this can increase retention, reduce sexual assault, and reduce military suicide.

Our Mission

Arming our warriors for mission success through guided education and career coaching.

Our Vision

Our Armed Forces are strengthened as all service members have access to resources that empower them to achieve mission and career success.

Statements of Support

(STE) was able to help me when it felt like no one was there from my leadership. They were able to dig down into regulations and tell me exactly what should be happening when I was completely in the dark about my situation. SGT, US Army
Strength Through Education helped my son who was newly promoted and found himself in a position that required him to write up a soldier under him. STE helped him to understand all of the components that go into a legal LOR (letter of reprimand). It is nice to know that STE exists to help soldiers understand military process, procedure and rights. The other incredible thing that is worth mentioning – STE spent quite a bit of time helping my son, and they never asked for a dime. Parent, US Army Corporal
Thank you for helping me while I was in Korea. It’s amazing to have a resource that is judgment free, can be anonymous, and is available to you when you need it most. SGT US Army
I’d like to thank Strength Through Education for the assistance they provided for my son. Without going into detail, he was wrongly accused of a crime and was being encouraged by his leadership to get out of the military with a general discharge. Strength Through Education worked with him and explained the process that his leadership and IG would follow and helped him understand what to expect, and what his rights were as an Airman. STE had my son’s back during a very difficult time. Fortunately, my son was exonerated, and he is still proudly serving in the Air Force. Thank you STE for saving my son’s career! Parent, Airman 1st Class US Air Force
We are thankful for the help (STE) gave us… After this deployment, we’ll all come back with lots of lessons learned. A1C US Air Force
A few months ago, I got written up. (STE) got me through it. Over the phone, they took the time to break down AFI’s and regulations to me. They educated me on the way that leadership should be approaching situations and even went as far as assisting me in writing a strong rebuttal. Never once did they ask for money or judge the predicament that I was in. And, after all was said and done, they checked up with me to see how I was doing and if the situation had been resolved (which of course, thanks to them, it had been). Senior Airman, US Air Force
Thank you for the information you gave us about my son’s recent problem. It is impressive what you have found in just a few days. I have sent him the information and asked him to reach out to your organization. I will encourage him in your direction because I really think you can help him. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to supporting your organization in the future. Mother, US Navy Seaman
Many thanks for your recent help – STE is a good checks and balances… it is always nice to have someone else on your side. Petty Officer 3rd Class, US Navy