How We Help

Strength Through Education, Inc. is a not-for-profit charity that was established October, 2019 based on a demonstrated need for service members to have “one-stop” online access to information that is both comprehensive and comprehensible about policy and regulations.

We Provide:

Our organization currently works one-on-one with active duty service members who are experiencing an administrative concern. We listen to the problem, determine the applicable policies and regulations, do research, summarize and annotate helpful information, and provide these resources to our client.

We can provide coaching and guidance to assist the service member in asking questions and writing responses. We do not provide legal advice; we help “translate” the legalese of policy and regs. We do not communicate directly to command or legal counsel; we educate and empower the service member with information they need to handle their own career concerns. All communication is 100% confidential.

Our Goals

  • increase organizational and individual integrity
  • support recruitment and retention
  • work within existing system of checks and balances
  • increase career satisfaction
  • decrease stress that can contribute to poorer mental health

By empowering individual service members, our goal is to increase organizational and individual integrity. This will support recruitment and retention by contributing to trust in the military.Our nonprofit organization will work within existing systems of checks and balances and organizational governance of the US Military. Our goal is that, by providing these resources, this will lead to reduced turnover intention, increased job and career satisfaction, less stress, and decreased feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness that contribute to poorer mental health, depression, suicidal ideation and suicide. We will Strengthen our armed forces by using proven education and coaching methods.

Our Future Plans:

As we grow, we will expand our services offered on the web via multiple media and social networking platforms.